Looking for my work online?

Hi, welcome. My Name is Janice Sheen and I currently live in Tasmania, Australia
For me, life is and always will be a creative adventure… and there are many paths to tread. I have not yet settled to a particular ‘style’, and possibly never will! I hope that is all part of the adventure. All the ‘experts’ say that to be ‘successful’ you should find a ‘niche’ and stick to it… but what is success anyways? I believe that it is to enjoy each moment of life and to create whatever seems good and beautiful and fun.
I have found, over the years that Photography, writing, graphic design, patterns, texture, cartography, and all the other creative things, blend together at some point, not into a consistent ‘style’ but into a community of ideas and skills that work together somehow… I am not quite sure yet what that community looks like when it is all working together.
Join me on the journey and we will see what happens 🙂
Below are some of the places around the web where you can currently find me and/or my work. I would welcome your joining &/or ‘following’ me on any of these paths, whichever strikes your fancy…
See you out there

Social Media:

Instagram:  I bit of fun with photography and every day finds
Pinterest: Take a peek at what topics I find interesting, maybe we share some interests?

Online marketplaces and galleries:

Creative Market: Stock Graphics: Vectors, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns, illustrations… This is where some of my most recent creative focus has been

Creative Market: Stock Photos: Landscapes, Macro images, Textures, Backgrounds… I have also been working on this collection over the last couple of years

RedBubble: T-shirts, Prints & posters, stickers, postcards, cards, phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, Poetry… Some of the works here are over a decade old and are not a good as I thought they were at the time 🙂

SpoonFlower: Printed Fabric by the yard… Also contains older work as I have not been able to put any focus here for several years

RPG Adventure Maps: Just because I can!… something I have dabbled at every now and then in recent years. Not great examples, but not too shabby either.