This is My Bit of the Web


Welcome  :-)

My name is Janice, I am an introvert trying to make it in an extrovert world, a photographer, an artist, a poet, a designer, a video editor, a tour guide, a lover of stationary and art supplies shops, addicted to making & creating,

… but not so good at telling the world about it !

So this is my ‘Hub’ for random blog posts and news about what I am up to. You can also find links to some of my online shops and creative profiles below:


T-shirts, Prints & posters, stickers, postcards, cards, phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, Poetry…



1scraboolistudiooncreativemarketCreative Market

Stock Graphics

Vectors, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes, textures, patterns, illustrations…


rustic-apple-photosCreative Market

Stock Photos

Landscapes, Macro images, Textures, Backgrounds…




Printed Fabric by the yard




rpgadventuremapsRPG Adventure Maps

Blog Started September 12th  2014 that will feature RPG maps for gamers to use in their campaigns. Plus other stuff as yet to be thought of :-)

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